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How much is the real estate listing commission?

We charge a commission rate of 7% of the first $100,000 and 2.5% of the remainder of the Sale Price. Just shy of half of this is generally paid to the buyer's agent.

Use the calculator below to calculate the total commission based on your estimated sale price.

Commission Calculator:

Here is what one of our fans has to say:

"I have had opportunity to buy and sell 5 homes in the past 30 years. The last two sales and the finding of one new home here in Vancouver were mentored by Sam Wyatt. Words could never express how great is my admiration for his skill in this work. In the midst of complicated situations and challenged markets, Sam was able to hear what we needed, analyze the current market and then develop strategies for sales and purchase which meant that we sold both homes at our desired price and purchased a new home well below market value. In each case, these transactions happened start to finish within a few short weeks. Throughout, Sam was the model of professionalism consulting us and keeping us informed at every step, so that we always understood what was happening. In every instance, he called the situation perfectly and gave us advice which was across the board spot on. I cannot imagine wading into the real estate market at this or any subsequent stage of my house buying and selling story without him to lead the way. I commend him without reservation and with the highest praise as my real estate broker of choice."
- Wendy

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