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Spring Commission Discount 2016

We have had an incredibly hot spring 2016 market and many of you might be thinking - why are realtor commissions so high?  The vast majority of westside listings are ending up in multiple offer scenarios and most are selling within a week or two of listing.  Due to the reduced time required to market and in order to attract scarce listings, for properties listed in April & May, I am offering a discount of $4000 on my listing commission for homes sold over $1,000,000.   My regular listing commission is 7% of the first $100,000 and 2.5% of the remainder of sale price.  I generally offer a little more than 3% of first $100,000 and about 1.1% of the remainder of the sale price to a buyer's agent paid out of the total commission.  My discount of $4000 is borne almost solely by me so as to ensure a buyer's agent won't be disincentivized.  The discounted listing commission structure is:  3% of the first $100,000 and 2.5% of the remainder of the sale price with 3% of 1st $100k and 1.1% of remainder of sale price paid out to the buyer's agent.  Have some questions?  Give me a call and we can get started.

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